Masterchef leads me to Lakeland

Did any of you watch the latest season of Celebrity MasterChef? If you didn’t get the chance, it’s worth catching the last two episodes on BBCiPlayer.

I don’t usually watch the celebrity version but this season has been pretty inspiring, not to mention mouth-watering. They make it look so easy. You almost forget that such intricate and delicious-looking dishes have been created under time constraints. Luckily for me, I’m not timed when making dinner chez moi. Otherwise there would be a lot of stress and flapping about. Before you ask me who my favourite chef was, I actually loved the final four pretty equally though Rylan had to be the most entertaining. He seemed so genuine and always pushed himself to the limit (remember his trio of lavender?)

Sadly, even with 3D TV’s, we can’t actually indulge in the lip-smacking soufflés and melt-in-the-mouth risottos so the presentation of the dishes is key for us audience members. Yeah I know the saying is “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but when it comes to food, it’s all the more impressive when it resembles art.

To be fair, they do have access to countless utensils like those handy cooking rings, which always make the presentation perfect. You know the ones that kind of look like cookie cutters but are used instead to create savoury food towers. I was, of course, compelled to buy myself some of the kitchen gadgets featured in the program.

So today I paid a visit to Lakeland, the dream shop for chefs and bakers alike. The shop has everything you could possibly need (or simply want) in the realm of kitchenware. I wish I could have bought the whole store but I had to limit myself to just a few essential purchases.I walked away with four large cooking rings, a toastamesh (perfect for students who want to make toasties quickly and cheaply without a sandwich maker) and eight traditional floral ice cream cups (did I mention I have an ice cream maker?) Oh and a long wish list.

Okay maybe not so essential… 


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