Oven Roasted Cod in Parma Ham

I’ve decided to share with you one of my most cherished recipes. There’s no going wrong with this one and it’s perfect for Fish Friday.  Even us meat lovers would be happy to be presented with this easy and super healthy meal.

I’ve only put the ingredients for 2 people because it’s me and my mum’s go-to dish when the rest of the family are out but it can be easily doubled or even halved if you only need to serve yourself.

If you’re more in the mood for a heartwarming soup, check out my Cod Chowder which uses this recipe!


2 Fillets of Cod (or similar white fish)

2 Slices of Parma Ham

2 Vines of Cherry Tomatoes

Lemon Juice


Before being oven-cooked
  • Heat the oven to 170 degrees celsius (fan oven) and heat a lightly greased tin
  • Place the cod fillets in a bowl and squeeze a bit of lemon juice on each one. Sprinkle some paprika over the fillets and season with black pepper. I don’t usually add salt to the fish because the parma ham is salty enough.
  • Wrap each fillet in a slice of parma ham widthways and place in the heated tin
  • Lastly, place two vines of cherry tomatoes on either side of the fillets and put in the oven for 14-16 mins
  • Serve with roasted baby potatoes or rice
This is a photo from when I had a dinner party for six people. Parsley makes a really nice garnish!

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