Throwback to Christmas

You can’t beat Christmas when it comes to food. Every year, my mum and dad create a mouthwatering feast which seems to grow each year in size. For 2015, the festive table hosted an array of different dishes:

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

Oven roasted cod and salmon for my pesky mum (pescatarian that is). A show-stopping turkey filled with homemade pork stuffing and coated in streaky smoked bacon rashers. Two kinds of roasted gammon – my absolute favourite christmas dish. Golden roast potatoes – the crispiest of which are always fought over. Honey and mustard glazed parsnips along with the annual brussels sprouts and steamed carrots. There was even a little roast rack of lamb with a vegetarian stuffing crust for my sister who isn’t a fan of the traditional meats. All of this accompanied by my dad’s unbeatable homemade gravy and obligatory champers.

My oh my I don’t think I’ve ever been so full. But then there’s always space for Christmas Trifle. I mean we all know that there’s a different compartment for dessert…


One of the best things about Christmas Lunch, however, is that all of the above can be eaten on Boxing Day. And if you overdid it a bit and made just as much as my family did for Christmas, the food lasts the following few days too!

You can have the leftovers just as they are, hot or cold. I’m partial to stealing a roast potato from the fridge at all hours. Or you can mix it up a bit and try a new recipe. Check out my Boxing Day Potato Hash for inspiration!

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