Café Oberkampf, Paris

The Paris brunch scene is far from disappointing, with most restaurants and cafés offering weekend menus all over the picturesque city. As you’ve already guessed, while I’m spending far too much money on food, I’m not willing to give up on this heavenly lazy sunday morning ritual…okay maybe it ends up being the afternoon. I’ll be posting about more top brunch destinations as my time in Paris goes on but here’s the first of the bunch, and possibly one of the best.

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Café Oberkampf lies in the trendy 11th arrondissement on Rue Neuve Popincourt, attracting us expats and Parisians alike. The road itself is quiet and understated, distinguishable only by the crowd of brunchgoers who stand patiently by the entrance of the popular coffee shop after putting their name down on the waiting list. Be warned that the wait for a table can last about an hour but time flies as you sit on the benches outside with a latte in hand (did I mention they use Coutume coffee?). Luckily (and strangely enough), the weekends always seem to be good weather in Paris so the wait is a rather nice one, and you never know you might just get a sun kissed tan in the process.


Once your name is called (what a glorious moment this is), you can take your seat in the cosy all-day café, met by an anglo-inspired brunch menu with something for everybody. Even though it’s everywhere, I’m a bit of a sucker for avo on toast. But I feel a little less guilty ordering it at Café Oberkampf, where the tartine is jazzed up with ricotta and ginger and accompanied by a help-yourself bowl of chilli salt. Their dishes are impeccably presented on oak boards, complementing the rustic wooden tables and interior design, fitting for the Instagram photo that we are all, lets face it, partial to.

Their homemade banana bread is absolutely gorgeous, with just the right amount of salted butter (coconut oil is on offer as an alternative), and grilled to perfection. It’s a good chunky slice as well so undoubtedly worth the €4. If you’re more of a savoury bruncher, opt for their Shakshuka style eggs or Green Eggs with Feta, which are both served in individual frying pans. These are fitting for either a snack, with 1 egg, or a verging on hangry customer, with 3 eggs.

Seeing as I’ve been here twice within the space of a few weeks, Café Oberkampf is quickly becoming one of my favourite brunch spots. With friendly staff and a variety of excellent brekky dishes to choose from, this is sure to become my new ‘local’.

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