Peonies, Paris

As the name suggests, this coffee spot in the 10th arrondissement is decked out in blossoming bouquets and delicate daisies, brightening up your day before you’ve even sat down to enjoy their  tremendous menu. While pot plants have become commonplace in brunch destinations, largely thanks to their aesthetically pleasing Instagram snaps, Peonies isn’t just another coffee shop trying to exploit this popular trend. It is primarily a florist, with bouquets on sale in the corner of the cosy room and a gorgeous rose pink watering can to match. It even had an air of that memorable scene in The Great Gatsby where Gatsby fills Nick’s house with an abundance of flowers to impress Daisy.


You can’t go to Peonies and not write about its dainty décor. A fusion of pastel colours and art-deco furnishings, Peonies is an interior designer’s dream come true. Emerald green tiled floors suitably contrast the speckled pastel pink tables while you’ll feel as if  you’re outside with white garden-furniture style chairs. Even their brass cutlery is picture perfect.


Peonies plays on its floral roots, topping its Tartine d’Avocat with edible daisies – while they taste a tad bitter, they make it the most picturesque avocado toast I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in. Priced at €8.50, it’s a generous portion of perfectly seasoned chunky avocado and the superfood topping of cacao nibs on seeded rye bread. The staff are incredibly friendly, refraining from judging us for what I can only imagine resembled an avocado photo shoot. Our waitress even thanked us for complementing the Tartine’s appearance.


Peering across at our neighbours, we were also envious of their choice: homemade granola and fresh fruit. It’s not just breakfast food at Peonies as they offer salads and wraps of the day while you can revel in the chef’s baked eggs with Scandinavian bread on Saturdays – all veggie-friendly. Even the drinks have natural twists, with mint-flavoured water on every table and elderberry lemonade featuring on the menu.

Peonies is a world away from its busy surroundings on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in the lively 10th arrondissement. While the wifi was down the day we visited, it is usually up and running and Peonies is a fittingly peaceful spot for a bit of work, with laptops allowed on weekdays.

Peonies has managed to combine nature and nurture through their hybrid florist coffee shop. You only have to look at their Formule Peonies, offering an espresso and a small bouquet for €19, to understand their ethos.

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