Hello there! I’m Hannah Brandler, a freelance journalist and staff writer at Business Traveller, specialising in travel, lifestyle, and the world of hospitality.

My work has been printed in publications such as Business Traveller, 101 Holidays, Candid Magazine, and Square Meal, exploring subjects such as sustainability in hotels, the rise of female-only members’ clubs, and innovation (and cheesesteaks) in Philadelphia. I’m also a keen Francophile so you’ll notice a trend in articles about all things French!

In my spare time, I use this space to spill the beans on all things food and travel – from restaurant recommendations to travel guides and homemade recipes.

During lockdown, I turned to narrating adventures chez moi – home-trotting, if you will – for my project: “No Travel” Tales. Every week, I wrote about a new territory, discussing the choreography of dodging joggers, the symphony of beeping kitchen appliances, and the disappearance of BOGOF in the supermarkets. Check out the posts here.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, please contact me at hbrandler@yahoo.co.uk.